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Kimberly’s World Record Attempt

Two hot air balloon pilots launched for flight in North Sioux City Monday morning for two very different reasons.

Tim Cloyd takes flight every single year to help fund cancer research, and launched for his 6th annual “Extreme Flight to Find a Cure”.

People make donations for the flight, and Tim takes names of over 60 people who have dealt with cancer along for the flight.

This flight is very dear to Tim Cloyd, and he says bearing the cold temperatures is nothing compared to what cancer patients go through.

“It’s what people go through, see I need oxygen up there, and the cold temperatures I will go through, extremely cold, but what I go through is insignificant to what cancer patients go through,”

said Tim Cloyd, Hot Air Balloon Pilot.

It was an estimated negative 20 degrees below zero in the air while Tim made his nearly 300-mile trek to Colombia Missouri, and he reached altitudes near 17,000 feet.

Also taking off Monday morning alongside Tim was Kimberly Magee who is attempting to break a world distance record, in a balloon that is one third the size of a normal balloon.

“I grew up in ballooning, so both of my parents are commercial hot air balloon pilots, and it’s just kind of in my blood, and we have this balloon it’s usually configured for one person and they strap themselves to a tank and let their feet dangle while they fly so it’s a lot of fun to fly,”

said Kimberly Magee, Hot Air Balloon Pilot.

Tim was the official observer for Kimberly’s world record.