Gladbeck Gas Balloon Event Weathered Out

Your intrepid reporters had already begun their journey to Gladbeck, Germany to witness the largest gas balloon gathering in 100 years when we got the disappointing news.

The organisers posted on the event website that the “Landesmeisterschaft” for 2014 is cancelled.

The reason for the cancellation is that the weather is not stable enough at the eastern end of the flying region. The forecast predicted wind, rain and possibly thunderstorms.

Although there maybe a chance for a take off on Saturday night, the risk is considered too high to give a go for all teams if the organisers cannot be certain of a 100 percent possibility for a safe launch.

Teams are still invited to make a fun flight, if the weather will be flyable during the weekend.

Updates will be published on the weather updates over the next few days on and will continue to monitor developments.