Youth decapitated in cylinder blast

A 28-year-old youth was decapitated by an exploding gas balloon cylinder at Timki, Patilpura in Delhi, India on Monday afternoon. The blast flung the severed head of the victim into the balcony of a neighbouring building while the cylinder itself came to rest on another neighbouring house. Three minor girls escaped with minor injuries in the incident.

The blast and Chauhan’s decapitation triggered panic among residents of Timki. The chaos was brought under control by fire officials and Tehsil police.

Eyewitnesses said Chauhan was filling gas in balloons from the cylinder while his partners were resting inside their room. Around 4pm, suddenly the gas tank burst, with the force beheading Chauhan. Usually, helium gas is filled in the tanks used to fill air balloons.

The bursting gas cylinder rocketed several feet into the air and landed on the tin shed of Manoj Hatwar’s house in the neighbourhood. The cylinder crashed through the tin shed, and fell into Hatwar’s house, where his two daughters and a niece were playing.

Aastha, Tapasya and Tannu had a lucky escape as the cylinder fell a few feet away from them. The girls rushed out of the room before it caught fire. Residents said all three girls suffered minor bruises.

Police said many incidents of gas balloon cylinders exploding have been reported in the city. The explosions had injured many people and also claimed a few lives. Many organizations have demanded a ban on gas tanks as they are hazardous for children as well as the seller.

Many Timki residents also demanded a ban on helium gas cylinders. Tehsil police are questioning Chauhan’s friends about where they purchased the gas cylinder. Police have shifted the body for post mortem to Mayo Hospital.

via – The Times of India.